About our studio

VMDS, led by creative director Victoria Munteanu, creates a space with a unique personality.

Our team draws on their love of antiques, color, contemporary “World Art”, photography, and individual discoveries to bring an eclectic richness to every interior.

Building relationships with craftsmen, artists, and contractors, as well as searching for novelties and unique items, play an integral role in the development of each project. Loving, listening, creating – this is the strength of our team, which leads to carefully balanced work.

Victoria Munteanu – Graduated from one of UK’s most prestigious and famous design schools, KLC, received a BA degree from the University of Brighton, majoring in architect-design. Her strong architectural and design sensibilities have developed through mentorship and personal curiosity about “Beautiful Things”, as well as visits to thematic exhibitions and the best galleries in Europe, meetings with connoisseurs and collectors of Antiques.


The goal of the team is to bring originality to every project, not only in the choice of furniture, lighting, and art, but also in the use of a natural palette of materials and textures.

Victoria Munteanu

Founder, head designer


Brand Designer

Mazena Ustinovic

Business Development Manager

Victoria Tarnavska

Architectural designer

Our Design

We are a dynamic group of experienced professionals working on residential and commercial interior design and creative direction in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our positive, professional and personal approach to everything we do. We work effectively and collaboratively to bring integrity and soul to interior living.

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